It is a Quebec company, established in Mauricie since 2005, which distributes recreational vehicles which are produced by partners in Asia, while some of the components are produced in Canada.

Who manufactures the engines on NORDIK MOTOR vehicles?

The motors are manufactured in Asia by a partner with whom NORDIK MOTOR works since its beginning in 2005. The key components of the engines are manufactured by manufacturers whose experience and reputation is well established, such as DELPHI for the electronic system power distribution and CV Tech – IBC for clutch systems on two cylinders engines for example.

Since how long NORDIK MOTOR exist?

The NORDIK MOTOR company was founded 10 years ago in May 2005 by the Nolin family and Eric Desilets. It initially distributed the vehicles for an American company before starting to distribute its own vehicles under its own brand.

What is the NORDIK MOTOR brand?

The NORDIK MOTOR brand is a registered trademark, owned by Distribution RSJO Inc. that operates under the name of NORDIK MOTOR CANADA. So it is an ATV/UTV mark along Artic Cat (USA), BRP (Canada) CF Moto (China), Honda (Japan), Kawasaki (Japan), Polaris (USA), Suzuki (Japan) and Yamaha (Japan).

What differentiates NORDIK MOTOR other manufacturers of recreational vehicles?

First is a Canadian company whose shareholders are all Quebecers, which employs people here and is headquartered in Trois-Rivières, while the headquarters of other brands are located in the USA. In addition, a larger portion of the assembly that can represent up to 12 hours per vehicle is done directly here in Canada, while the entire assembly with other manufacturers is done in the country where they decide to generate their production, as in Mexico for BRP Can-AM for example.

What are the main benefits of NORDIK MOTOR vehicles?


1. Excellent quality / price ratio;
2. A competitive purchase price;
3. Many accessories that come standard where you should pay thousands of additional dollars at competition;
4. A guarantee of a full 12 months that is comparable to the industry’s leaders;
5. Many more security features at no additional cost.

Are the NORDIK vehicles covered by a good warranty plan?

The warranty available on new NORDIK MOTOR vehicles is complete, for a period of 12 months which is an equivalent coverage, as offered with other industry leaders.
Management has decided to provide a full 12 months coverage and not to propose a multi-year warranty that remains very limited (engine covered only after 6 months, limited mileage, electrical components covered for only 6 months, etc.) in order to make it easy to understand for the consumer and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Do the NORDIK vehicles require more maintenance than the other ATV manufacturers?

No, it is recommended to make a first inspection after 500 km and do regular maintenance every 1.000 km or twice a year (spring and fall) in order to keep the engine oil grade appropriate for the climate.
Maintenance is therefore equivalent to the one that is required for all other all-terrain vehicles.

Do NORDIK MOTOR has a range of vehicles that meet all the needs?

Yes, quite right actually, for NORDIK MOTOR offers a range of ATVs from 400 to 1000 cc and UTVs from 250 to 1000 cc, both available in an utility version or a sporty one.

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