Congratulation to Ms Marilyn Lachance for her new amazing side by side BLIZZARD 750 SE CREW!

The BLIZZARD 750 SE CREW comes fully loaded equipped with a 3,500 pounds winch, EPS, roof, two benchs seats to carry 5 persons, turn signals, horn, mirrors, fenders extensions, a-arms protectors, doors  and hitch.

Ms. Lachance, her boyfriend Jean-Claude and kids are please to start new adventures in the beautiful Mauricie region trails or everywhere they decide to go!

And thanks for supporting for the Canadian Brand NORDIK MOTORS and our employees!

5 stars

Courteous service and good price!

Karine Brouillette


Téléphone cellulaire : 819-380-4106

I bought my 2nd NORDIK vehicles and I’m impressed, I never had any issues for the 2 years that I had my Blizzard 500 EPS despite all negatives comments I got from competitors.

Now, my STORM 550 Ultimate version with power steering is working really well and they guys took the time to explain me how to adjust the gas suspension for example.

I got a good price on my BLIZZARD 500 EPS for the trade in and my new ATV was delivered as schedule and they even came in advance so I make them wait.

Everything was perfect, thanks to the team!

I’m happy that I put my trust into NORDIK MOTOR since I save a lot!

Yvon  Descôteaux


5 stars

Good service, nice people with a great sense of humour!

Gaston Lafreniere


Cell phone: 819-383-6109


I purchased a 2013 BLIZZARD 500 side by side from NORDIK in a trade show and I have been using it for my fishing and hunting trips and also for trails riding.

My wife enjoys driving it so much that I often ending up seating on the passenger seat.

I thought that my first inspection was a bit pricy but the guys at NORDIK explained me that they are verifying everything and they even do the valves adjustments as needed.

I really satisfied of my BLIZZARD 500 since he have been really reliable and I never had any issues even it I paid a fraction of competitors’ prices.

Robert Paquette


Michel Webster

I purchased a demo 2011 NORDIK MOTOR side by side BLIZZARD 700 early in 2012 and he always works really well since then.

I do my periodic maintenance myself for a really reasonable cost since parts are really affordable.

My NORDIK side by side  has been really useful for both hunting and trail riding in the ZEC where I used it mainly.

Michel Webster


April 2018

From: Gaétan Scrosati

I purchased a side by side BLIZZARD 700 SE bench seat in winter of 2017 and I enjoyed working and riding with my wife and my boy with my machine.

We loved fishing and hunting and our BLIZZARD has been really useful in our trips.

The 2×4, 4×4 and 4×4 lock make it almost unstoppable and we even pulled out a pickup truck out the mud.

The EPS work good but it can be a little but weak but our maintenance is due so it may just be an adjustment.

Gaetan Scrosati

Sainte-Claude, Quebec, Canada

I owned a 2008 UTV 700 (Now BLIZZARD 700 EPS) and my side by side has been  full filling my needs for 10 years now.

He was carbureted back then but he always started really well with the choke ON even under really cold weather.

I do trail riding and we enjoy going from St-Jerome to St-Zenon where the trail s are really hilly since my side by side has enough power  to face most abrupt hill!

I performed my maintenance timely and I never had to replace a part except the “magento” once over the past 10 years.

Claude Desrochers

St-Jerome, Quebec

I purchased a 2014 NK 800 U Sport (Now Avalanche 800 XT) with a complete enclosure, wipers and even a heater.

I saved thousands of dollars by purchasing the Canadian brand NORDIK instead of Americans brands (Artic Cat, Polaris), Japanese (Kawasaki , Yamaha) or even more with the Canadian brand Cam-Am assembled in Mexico.

I do trail riding with my friends with my NORDIK side by side and we went as far as Chibougamau in Northern Quebec.

My side by side meter shows over 10,000 km and I only did my maintenances timely and I replaced my drive belt once.

Rosal Morin

Mirabel, Quebec

I purchased a  2017 STORM 550 Ultimate version fully loaded pour $2,000  less than a Can-Am Outlander 400 and I got a free 4’ snow plow  in promotion.

After carefully looking at both units, I found that the axles and the frame are really build bigger and stronger on my NORDIK than on the CAN-AM.

I saved thousands of dollars with standards accessories included on my STORM that I did not have to pay extra for front and rear bumpers, 26’’ tires, alloy rims, turn signals, horn and even more than the 2-up version.

We ride also every weekend with my kids and plow as soon as we get some snow and my ATV is really working well!

I especially like the comfortable ride provide by YIT gas suspension and the easy and precise gear selection.

I am happy that I put my trust into the NORDIK team since they really delivered and I take proud of supporting Canadian entrepreneurs.

Michael Veillette

Quebec City

ATV NORDIK side by side BLIZZARD 500 2013


I purchased a 2013 NORDIK side by side BLIZZARD 500 at Motosport Mauricie Bois-Francs, a NORDIK dealer in Trois-Rivieres, et I really like my vehicle.

I have been riding with my kids and my sisters’ kids and we really enjoy it!

The independent suspension is working well and the shocks absorbers are making the ride smooth even in hard conditions.

I bought a snow plow and my side by side has enough power to plow even after a big snow storm.

I only did my maintenances timely and my side by side has always been working well since I bought it.

My Blizzard totally full fill my needs and I saved thousands of dollars by purchasing a NORDIK BLIZZARD!

Jean-Charles Bourgouin


J’adore mon VTT côte à côte 700 de NORDIK que j’ai acheté en 2016.

Je n’ai pas eu aucun problème et mon côte à côte et je l’utilise pour travailler et ma femme se promène avec notre chien.

J’ai épargner plus de 5,000$ à l’achat si je compare avec une Polaris et un Yamaha équipé avec les mêmes accessoires.

Je transporter des roches et toutes sortes de trucs dans la benne et je trouve ça très utile.

L’équipe de NORDIK est toujours bien de service et courtoise.

Je vous recommande les produits NORDIK si vous voulez un côte à côte tout équipé qui fait le travail sans vous ruiner !

Linda et Régis

Alma, Quebec, Canada

Je suis très heureux de mon côte à côte NORDIK NK 800 U Sport que j’ai acheté en septembre 2012.

C’est un véhicule qui n’a exigé que très peu d’entretien qui se résume pratiquement au changement d’huile.

Le prix d’achat était très abordable et tous les accessoires  de série sauf mon kit de toile.
La performance et la tenue de route sont très bonne et j’apprécie beaucoup le mode 1 roue motrice car je peux circuler sur mon terrain sans endommagé ma pelouse.

Je l’utilise pour faire pleins de choses comme l’entretien du terrain, la chasse et la randonnée.

J’apprécie aussi la clutch CV Tech qui très  bien répond bien lorsque je pèse dessus!

Gaston Tremblay
St-Félicien, Québec

Je suis propriétaire d’un côte à côte NORDIK NK 700 u 2012 et il est très pratique pour moi.

C’est le premier côte à côte que j’aime sa conduite et le fait être assis un à côté de l’autre.

Mon frère a un Yamaha Rhino et la tenue de route et j’ai eu la chance de comparer et je trouve la tenue de route meilleur sur mon NORDIK.

Je fais les maintenances périodiquement et mon côte à côte va très bien

Yves Beaudry
Trois-Rivères, Québec

J’adore les véhicules récréatifs et je vis à l’endroit rêver pour en profiter pleinement dans Charlevoix.

Ça fait 3 véhicules NORDIK que j’attends mon CYCLONE 1000 avec impatience.

Je fais pleins de choses avec mon NORDIK, je gratte ma cour, je fais de la randonnée, je vais à la chasse à l’automne et pleins d’autres choses.

J’ai toujours un bon service et je m’entend super bien avec la direction.

Il me donne l’heure juste et travaille pour me donner tout ce que je veux.

Je vous redonne des nouvelles lorsque je serais au volant de mon nouveau Cyclone 1000.

Roberto Émond
Baie St-Paul, Québec

Mon scooter NKs 50 2009 a maintenant près de 29,000 km au compteur et je n’ai pas mis un sous sauf pour l’entretien.

Je vais surpasser le kilométrage que j’ai atteint avec mon premier scooter NKs 50 qui avait plus 30,000 km avant que je me le fasse voler.

J’ai un super service chez NORDIK et les gars sont accommodants quand j’ai besoin d’une maintenance car ils savent que c’est mon moyen de transport.

Daniel Dufresne

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